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About Us

 CEP (Cebu Elegant Properties) Realty and Brokerage Services is a Cebu-based realty firm which is headed by its lead Broker Christine Emily Pantaleon in 2018. The realty firm was formed to turn potential buyers’ realty dream into a reality.

Over the past two years, the realty firm has been consistent in helping potential buyers find the property which is fitted for them through the efforts of the people working in the firm. We had developed marketing strategies through the social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook page (Cebu Elegant Properties) and website, www.cebuelegantproperties.com in order to help the sellers in selling their property and potential buyers find the fitted property for them. The realty firm also is expanding this 2021 in hiring goal-driven and quality real estate partners in order to fulfill the goal of turning the buyers’ realty dream into a realty.

CEP (Cebu Elegant Properties) Realty and Brokerage Services is diverse in nature and covers these highlighted aspects in real estate such as dealing with residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. The realty firm has a remarkable reputation in selling residential properties and has a small, yet growing portfolio for the industrial, commercial and agricultural properties.

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